We Believe

Informa Ventures invests in the future of the Knowledge and Information economy. We have a theory; disruption is always knocking at our door and is usually not clearly labeled as such. Instead of resisting change, we are inspired by it and see it as an opportunity for innovation and progress.

We are a founder friendly VC focused on making early stage investments in promising startups that need capital while gaining access to markets, mentorship and expertise on a global scale.

The Venture Arm of Informa

Informa is a leading business intelligence, academic publishing, knowledge and events business, operating within the Knowledge and Information Economy.

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The Fund

We seek to work with passionate entrepreneurs with ambitious goals that disrupt the status quo and challenge how the future of the Knowledge and Information Economy will feel and look across the enterprise landscape.

Stage of Investment

We make early stage investments typically in Series A rounds. Our decisioning is governed by the potential of the product, the strength of the team, and a clearly articulated vision of what success looks like to the founding team.

Areas of Interest

Our focus is on investing in startups that align with Informa’s core interests. We love when a founding team can make us think about our existing businesses differently or provide us with a clear vision of how the market’s we are in will be disrupted or aided through a change in technology, behavior or shift in business practice.

Investment Criteria

Exemplary knowledge of the customers you serve, a defined use of proceeds, and a set of KPIs that are clearly defined and measurable.

The Team

Intellectually curious professionals who have experienced both success and failure as entrepreneurs, executives, and investors.

Richard Stanton Managing Partner
Max Gabriel Managing Partner
Alex Roth Investment Committee
Stuart Poyser Investment Committee
Ahmad Permessur Analyst
Laura Young Analyst
Naveen Rao Analyst
Chia Jie Sin Analyst


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